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Hawaii ni Sumu magazine

(Living in Hawaii)

The magazine for Japanese readers who are looking for information more than just for tourist. We deliver information regarding real estate, long-term stay, vacation rental, business and life style information for  upper class readers.


【What  is "Hawaii Ni Sumu"】

"Hawaii Ni Sumu" offers readers information on how to being a new life

in Hawaii. It shares useful knowledge on how to purchase real -estate,

condo rental infromation, vacation rentals, time shrae and how to start a business in Hawaii, education opportunities for children, language school,

how to find a job, and how to obtain the correct Visa. 


【Unique distribution channel 】

The magazine is distributed at various places starting from the street racks at Waikiki and Ala Moana, to places such as gold courses, Japanese restaurant, law offices and clinics. In doing so, we are aiming to target and reach out for the wealthier travelers as well as Japanese residents in Hawaii.



【Media fact】

Circulation : 120,000 issue per issue 

Publication : Quarterly  ( 1/16, 4/17, 7/17, 10/16 in 2017)

Specification : Letter size, about 116 pages, All color
Readers : Japanese visitors and local Japanese residents in Hawaii.

Contents categories:People's interview, real estate, time share,

lawyers, doctors. 


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