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Oahu's Best Coupons

The first English coupon specialized magazine in Hawaii! 


【What  is "Oahu's best coupons"】

This is the first English media in Hawaii that is specializes in COUPON.

We offer deals to people from Mainland U.S. which is one of the biggest coupon countries, followed by other people from other countries such
as Canada, Australia, and England.

【Unique distribution channel 】

Over 140 locations, including Honolulu Airport Exit,street
kiosks, hotels, restaurants, tour desks, rental car stores.


【Media fact】

Circulation : 120,000 issue per issue 

Publication : Quarterly  (1/1, 4/1, 7/1, 10/1 in 2017)

Specification : Pocket-size, Around 100 pages, All color. 

Contents categories:Pocket-size, Around 100 pages, All color. 


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